IB World School Authorisation

TAE supports schools/colleges at all levels in the process of becoming an IB World School. Our approach is marked by instructing our partners how to make effective progress for the authorisation process. Communication among the senior admin team, teachers, parents, and students helps to create a supportive network to assist a school/college in finding its best fit in the International Baccalaureate. Our consultation programme focuses on the needs and desires of each individual school/college. 


Project IPA

Five one to one sessions with CEO Hung-Li Su and Ms Nicole Lau from University of Oxford. 

Investigation (Year 10/11) – IBDP Course Selection & Exploration of Academic and Career Interests – £520

Preparation (Year 12) – Exploring University Options & Intensive CV / Personal Statement writing skills training – £520

Action (Year 13) – University Application (Intensive CV / Personal Statement editing) – £585 

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