A Message From CEO


Greeting from To Achieve Excellence!

Welcome to To Achieve Excellence! We are delighted to share with all of you the enthusiasm, energy, and excellence that infuse our international and diverse staff and students.

To Achieve Excellence (TAE), founded in 2017, provides tutorials, consultations, and summer courses for students taking the International Baccalaureate (IB) at all levels. We are driven by the mission to provide educational support, to support academic exchange, and to encourage international collaboration. We pursue these three goals by ensuring that we provide high quality support by only working with experienced IB alumni with distinctive results in Diploma Programme (DP) and relevant studies in university.

Whilst enjoying working in Taipei and across the world, it is always our people that make TAE a special platform. Our instructor, from education studies majors to subject-specific professionals, comes from various backgrounds and embodies a wide range of professional and academic experience and our students, at all levels, are real IB learners that have true love for learning.

If our platform appeals to you, then please contact us to find out more.

Thank you for your interest in TAE!

Hung-Li Su
Founder & CEO
To Achieve Excellence